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Above Ground Friend - Dredd Foole - Kissing The Contemporary Bliss (CDr)

His wit and sophistication was profound and mesmerizing. Totally unique and personable and genuine. He was also a central figure in all that was becoming mythic about both European and American free improvisation. The genre, by and large, can be caught in its own stylistic graveyard at this point in time, but such masters as Derek stand alone in their devotion and ritual of playing and defying standards and expectations.

His voice is hilarious and generally scabrous as he recounts the development of the genre. It gives you great insight into his world and his method though it hardly stands as a history of the much larger activity and personage of free improvisation. Kind of a drag. The book grinds down to revisions of Company concert and record reviews. Come on! The music? Ask for it by name. You could do worse things than check out the new Nidnod label outta Suffolk, England.

Pretty much a CDR label, though one that packages its CDs in simple and elegant sleeves and wrapped in brown packing, string-tied and with evocative world postal stamp. His …as nidnod CDR is excellent from track to track employing languid machine hums to burnt noise engine squeach.

As far as the Finnish Lal Lal Lal label is concerned, they are the flashpoint for Finn underground noise and psyche-folk greatness they call it humppa music and should be delved into immediately. Real groovy. Right on. Gibbons reaches in and glides through his eye head laying down a sweeping master stroke. Both serene and intense, the dude has freaking hit it square in the cerebral cortex o-zone.

Total dreamskull. Carbon Records has been celebrating its ten years on this planet by issuing a seriously hep series of CDs from its home up there in chilly Rochester, NY. Soon come are three more, culminating with a due-to-be-damaged one by Dylan Nyoukis, so get on it cuz at the end of it all Carbon will issue a wooden box in which to keep these babes in. Good deal. Living here in the lesbian capitol of North America we know the delights of late morning food with this particular demographic.

Very nice. Absurd began in as a noise fanzine basically an extension of Genital Grinder fanzine which had been debating ball-crunching noise since Pengo has been slaying audiences for awhile now and recently have really come into their own.

Dennis Tyfus did the artwork which is heavy card pages of birds and foliage in a psycho-layered realm of lysergic solemnity. Julian has made consistently interesting cassette and CD releases through the years of his guitar pulsations and chord change chaos.

Julian Bradley has a female friend with groovy blonde hair who is, amongst other things I suspect, a pretty happening writer. It reads fast with ruminations of female identity and emotion and scurries through dream talk where sensations threaten to consume. Good stuff. Rest assured this mommy smokes tough.

Each night was a madhouse of big beat jizz psychosis. Smack Shire has released an archival disc by the group XEX. Amidst the sea of coked-up Cinderella wannabes who played my high school anti-drug rallies, the Kevin Cronin-of REO-produced big-fish-in-a-small-pond rock gods that walked down our streets, and the sheer overload of crapola, there were mutants who had it up to here with all of that silliness.

For example: HB was a one man Magic Band who would tell stories for hours while whacking away on drums in a pierogi parlor like a cosmic Sam Ulano, The Delusions were what the Velvets coulda been in a coal mining town, and Psychatrone Rhonedakk made hobbit-like basement synth gurgle for years and years and never stepped on a stage. While they sang about mall rat zombies who ran around trying to catch up with fashion, they also addressed nuns and nerve gas.

What gives? It totally blew our brains. Turn up the minimal synth NJ underground! Bran … Pos is the name used by S. There was great split release with Mammal last year on the Animal Disguise label and Bran … Pos has just returned from touring the USA all summer with such dada noise practitioners as Nautical Almanac and Vertonen.

Sold on tour was a new CD on Chitah! Soundcrack called Chirphuis which shows Bran … Pos in self-proclaimed easy listening mode. In a sense it kinda is easy-noise but it will still get under your skin and shred it from within regardless. Two amazing documentaries on two of the most fascinating filmmakers of the last century have been released on DVD by Zeitgeist Films. Viewing her back and white films is sublime eroticism without any pandered suggestion. Clicca qui per avere ulteriori informazioni sui cookie.

Staff Contatti Collabora. Keep doing a good show. I work at the competition pink slips suck though - hope it works out for all. Can you play something from the film The Fall? Only MP3 streams seem to be down. It's inventive, touching, beautiful to look at, and truly funny. I plan to see it soon. Thanks guys! My K MP3 stream's back in the game. Jungle Nigh High The Jug Is Glowin' Boom Boom For Willie Alexander Girl From the North Country Bob Dylan Martha vs Cookie Martha vs.

Staiano Moe! Staiano's Moe! Airplane Man Mr. Evil Mr. Funck Junction Mr. Dibbs Mr. Dorgon Mr. Epp Mr. Epp and the Calculations Mr. Khaliyl Mr. Len Mr. Magic Mr. Quintron Mr. Science Mr. Velcro Fastener Mr. Rex O. P:ano P-Fine Vs. B Boys P. Six P. Arnold P. Reno P. However, I recommend reading the Preface to Euclid first. He was also busy trying to convince the Queen to settle colonies in North America and to Reform the Calendar. In these autobiographical texts the Compendious Rehearsal and Discourse Apologetical , Dee lists the books and treatises he has written, providing valuable insight into his career.

Finally, return to the beginning of the book. Read the first 20 Aphorisms and browse the other Much of is not directly applicable to the Monas but he has tucked important clues every here and there.

Then to be really confounded, read the Monas Hieroglyphica. You may not understand what it means, but you will certainly sense how important it was to Dee. TCRE M. Dc Cctleftis Globi amplifsimis comodita- tibus, hb. Aliorum adhuctacebonomina: qui tamcn antcifioru cuof- dam annucntcDto publicafruiluccpofsint. VtcxifiiusExplora- tcris relatione, mecum 5c doclis cum amicis,r?.

Valeas:Cap- tifq; tuispulchcrrimis,Dcus Opt. Londini: a noftro nato Rcdcmp- torc i j j 8 Iulii.. Cum autem in liter is tuis ad me fire omnibus y quidipfie pra matiibus hale am 7 d mejcire 7 jolts conic n dcre: cr in tilis ccrte 7 quas ante nom ftfau? A De noua Nauigationum rati one.

Dc Auuli Aftronomici multiplici vTu, capita centii. Et prefer omnium hUiorum noflrorum Innentapneclarij? Ex M ufieo no fir o M ortlacenfi 7 Atm i s 6 7. Naturam autem ego dico,R. Q Pecies non folum fpiritales, ed etiam alia? Corporum igitur prxftantiflimorum perfedtiflimorum, hxc duo maxime propria crunt.

T N fingulis quatuor, Maioris Mundi magnfg Matricibus, unt trcs diuerfc partes :fimul tame concrete, conformatxq? T7 X qua elementorum proportion, fiagulae hutnani Corporis partes, humores, Si fp i' ritusconftent quampropc fieri poteft Aftro' logo eft peruidendum. Muficusautem per animam,cor- pori medetur Si imperat. Qui ergo quamplurh mismodis tu medici tumufici poterit fupplerc munus, is hominum Si corpora Si animos pro fua fere gubernaret voluntate. D Vplicesfimt ftcllarum omnium radi : alr fenfibilesfiue luminofi,alrj, Sccretiores ut Influcntisc.

Quemadmodu Sd noftrorum figillorum infculptx form3e,facili us in vnam materiam quam in aliam imprimun' tur:elcgantiusinvna , quam in alia:3d tenacius in vna quam in alia hxrcnt:Sd in quibufdam ad quandam quafi perpetuitatem.

Vt autem cum elegan- tiaquadam,deinde cum tcnacitate,veladinfini- tum ferctanpusretineaturimmifla vinus,idcx material in quam influitur difpofitione natural! Et quo terras propiores fuerint,ed a maioribus illis portionibus, radios fuos dire- dos terra: communicant: Nunquam tamenter- renj conuexitatisdimidium ftiis illis ienfibilibus radrjs attingcrc queunt,iedportionem, eiuiHcm dimidio minorem, XXXVI. Atqj dehis portionibus egimus propofitionibus. Videant ergo aftro- nomi, quarationcftelJarumetiantur diametros.

Haec quidern Aiv uquorum Sapientum multo maxima naturalis Magix pars erattEc eft Arcanum hoc, non in ft noris multo dignitatis, quam ipfa auguftifliina philofophorum astronomia. Hoc maxime norut,qui Artis Sancfoe Lim ina Salurirunt. Ab omnibus ergo orav mum. STIC a. Nullis autem nos, alqsquam veris, nuc vti ftellaram motibusmemineris. Vnde per iftos,tum xquatorem,tu alia fingula mobilia cocli loca, verfus orienrem poftponi eft neccfle.

Sed du l? Et in x- qtulibusab codem Meridiano diftantqsjomnes fux radiofc incidcntix angulos,? J Icetccelcftts cuiufq? Quart' G.

For mud ilium tn. Product urn. Lo co rum terreftrium Oppomv nitas,tanti eft moment! Moist hjt] He who does not understand j should either be silent or learn. To put it simply, this book is about the geometry and arithmetic that connects Astronomy with Astrology.

Not only does it prepare the reader to understand what the heck the Monas is generally about, but it includes specific clues strewn about in various places. This translation is based on a preliminary translation by Scott Barker, with firm guidance from the translation by Wayne Shumaker and essay by J. Though the work seems lengthy, Dee gave great consideration to every word of every sentence. To capture and communicate that intent to the modem eye and ear, I have taken some liberties.

Lengthy paragraphs have been split into smaller ones to make them bite-sized and allow for breathing room. Words whose chief meanings have dramatically changed over the past years have been replaced with modern-day equivalents. Parts of sentences have been rearranged to give them better flow. Commas and parentheses have sometimes been added for the sake of clarity. However, all words in parentheses belong to Dee.

The edition published in the Year as you can easily see by comparing these works was imperfect in many places because of the negligence of the printer. Enjoy and use them profitably. Swimming without cork as the proverb says [without a life-preserver] I began to travel to Regions across the seas to investigate the sources from which in our age many channels of the best of these Arts have been led to us. I have lived on familiar terms with men whose most casual single day of writing would have been provided enough material that, if sitting at home, would have taken me a year to comprehend.

By the highest favor of God, I was able to meet you at the beginning of my travels, while we were pursuing studies in Louvain. It is from your discussions with me that my whole system of philosophizing in these foreign domains laid down its first and deepest roots.

We were both so eager to learn and philosophize that when we met we scarcely left off our discussions of difficult and useful things for 3 minutes of an hour. For the sake of such a sincere friendship and sweetly continuous cooperation in philosophizing, should we not co mm it to the eternal memory of men some syntagma [Greek for a collection of well-arranged writings], or monument, so that a later age of scholars might be motivated by its considerations resulting from that most sweet bond of friendship by which we are perpetually joined?

In your next to last letter, you reminded me of that noble debate we once had. This gives me the opportunity to discuss the matter at hand. I had hoped to write a longer explanation or rather demonstration , but my health, which has been perilously shaken for a whole year now, has not permitted me to even though I wished it.

No one can start to understand the powers of Nature simply by observing them. These virtues are great, but they are hardly believable, except to a few Wise Men, and are known by even fewer.

But enough of this. In nearly all your letters which I have here at hand , and especially that next to last letter mentioned previously , you have encouraged me to publish my Apodictum [Conclusive Proof] of this new Art as you call it as soon as possible or at least to share it with you. You should be aware that besides the extremely dangerous illness from which I have suffered for the last year, I have had many other inconveniences from those who Thus, if my work cannot be completed or published while I can still be a witness to it, I have entrusted it to the most learned and eminent gentleman, the sole relic, the only prop and ornament of the Mathematical Arts that is still alive, D.

Pedro Nunes of Salamanca. I do not doubt that he will become a partaker of my wish if his life and health remain unimpaired , as he loves me faithfully. He has a natural inclination, strengthened by his will, industry, and practice, to apply himself diligently to the Arts most necessary to the Christian Republic. I have clearly explained enough about why I have been unable to satisfy your wish that the monuments of my labors be published.

However, if I were not to respond to your request to provide a Catalog of my writings, you might justly accuse me of grave ingratitude.

There are the Titles of the works I have composed for myself with what means I have and despite the greatest of difficulties. They are listed in the order I most wish them when I have more bodily strength and enjoy sweet leisure to be issued to the public so they are not known only by me. Peri Akribologias tes Mathematikes a work of mathematical demonstration ini 6 books [loosely translated this means Precision in Mathematics] 2.

Burning Glasses, a demonstration in 5 books 4. Perspective Used by the Most skilled and Famous Painters a demonstration in 2 books 5. The Great Conveniences of the Celestial Globe 2 books 7.

The Mirror of Unity, or Apology for English Friar Roger Bacon, in which it is taught that he did nothing with the aid of Demons, but was among the greatest of Philosophers; and that he accomplished great feats naturally and in ways permitted to a Christian man which the unlearned crowd often attributes to the acts of Demons.

A New System of Navigation 2 books 9. Various Uses of the Astronomical Ring chapters in 1 book Subterranean Tunnels 1 book This little work Number Twelve I send forth into various regions like an Explorer. Hopefully it will return to me the true judgements of learned and honorable men and their requests that I treat these matters and bring their proof s to light. Gerardus, it remains now for me to urge you to commit to the public studies of men as soon as you can your own wonderful Discoveries in that most excellent part of Philosophy which is called Physics, as well as your works in Geometry and Geography.

With these most useful and new Discoveries, you will immediately enlarge the Republic of Letters something you have deserved so much by your many years of hard work. Again, farewell. Indeed, I realize that these Aphorisms are for the more Advanced. Those of you have not progressed as far in your understanding of the many great sciences may find them rather long and difficult.

He who turns to them from the Common and well-worn way of philosophizing Poor Fellow will immediately exclaim that he is lost in a confused Labyrinth. And he is emphatic about it, as can be seen by his full capitalizations. You will certainly find them if you search diligently, through repeated readings paying close attention to and pondering certain things in particular. Nevertheless, you must not openly reveal to the unworthy or the profane all this which, driven by my desire to illuminate and enlarge the truth so that it will be apparent only to you , I have stretched the sinews of my little talent to make evident, lest to your shame and mine it be turned to great harm.

Farewell, friend. Pray wish my soul well. Against the laws of reason and nature, God created all things from Nothing. Thus no created thing can ever return to Nothing, unless it is done through the Supernatural power of God and against the laws of reason and nature. In actuality, if we artfully push Nature, using the Principles of pyronomia, we may produce marvelous Metamorphoses. By Nature, I mean any Thing that has been Created. Things which are visible and are known to perform in a certain way in the nature of things are said to Exist.

Anything that actively Exists sends out its Rays in all directions, elegantly filling all the various parts of the universe. Thus every place in the Universe contains rays of all the things that have an active existence. For a perfect Likeness is given the same name as its principal agent. Just as one thing differs from another, the rays of these things differ in their power to produce and perform their effect provided they are working on the same thing.

The same rays, emanating from the same substance, can cause different effects in different things. Sometimes a thing will act upon another thing which is similar in some respects. Other times it will act on something that is quite dissimilar. And sometimes there is no action at all. Things that are of the same order or are harmonious or of similar form sometimes imitate each other of their own accord.

One protects and defends the other as much as possible even if they seem to be drawing strength out of each other. And all this is done without violation to faith in God and without causing any harm to the Christian religion. Its strings are like Separate Parts of the universe.

Man, in himself, is wholly Analogous to this Lyre of the World. A lyre is an orderly arrangement of harmonious and disharmonious tones, perfectly suited to express the sweetest and most wonderful harmonies, with infinite variations. In the same way, the World is an orderly arrangement of its many parts.

Among some of these parts the closest sympathy can be observed. But among others, there is harsh dissonance and noticeable Antipathy. When combined, the mutual concord of one and the strife and dissimilarity of the other produce a common Whole, a Union worthy of admiration. Spiritual likenesses as well as natural likenesses flow from things to us by way of light through our sense of sight but also without the use of light through our other senses [hearing, smelling, tasting, touching.

No motion is more perfect than circular Motion. Thus, these two will be especially characteristic of the most excellent and most perfect bodies. Whatever is in the universe is being continuously moved by some Effect of motion [from other things].

All earthly things are ordered, set in motion, and continue to be moved by the prime motions, which are most characteristic of the Celestial bodies. However, even Celestial bodies sometimes move up, or down, or forwards, or backwards or sometimes towards one pole of the World or the Ecliptic and sometimes towards the other pole. In each of the four separate great Wombs of the Larger World [Majoris Mundi mag- nus Matricibus] are three different parts.

However, at the same time, these parts take form and are equitably shaped by their own considerations. Pyrologians will understand what I mean. Learn not only the primary, but also the secondary and tertiary productions. And also learn the way of restoring the tertiary to the secondary and the secondary to the primary.

In the same way, you should give the greatest consideration to why the very same part may be the cause of not only differing effects, but sometimes opposing effects. The Astrologer should investigate to the best of his ability the proportions of the elements in the various parts, humors, and spirits of the human Body. None of the other forms could do anything without it. They should not be grouped with things that cannot be perceived.

Thus, he who is able to provide the many services of a doctor and of a musician will be able to govern the bodies and minds of men, almost as he wishes.

Certainly discreet Philosophers will keep this a secret. What God has revealed clearly to the eyes of mortals in a Magnet, he has left to be discovered in other things through the more subtle investigations by the mind and throughdiligent experimentation. First, I will remind you of its power to attract.

Second, of its power to repel and separate. Third, of its power to orient itself in a certain direction [as in a compass]. And fourth, the ability of its rays to pass through solid objects.

I shall explain other wonders of this stone of the Philosophers at another time God willing. All stars radiate two kinds of rays. Some are luminous rays that can be experienced by the senses, but others have more Secret Influences.

But there are ways that the luminous kind of rays can be prevented from penetrating too much. Thus you should consider Gamaaeas and far greater things more attentively. Gamaaeas are a talismans-inscribed rings, seals, or stones with special powers This might happen with such fastidiousness that the imparted power will be retained with much tenacity, in some instances almost permanently. The primium mobile is like a spherical concave mirror that is so solid it cannot be penetrated by sensible rays from the stars.

Such a penetration would serve no purpose for celestial things. There are several other demonstrations of this. To apply their useful effects, the stars exercise their strength not only by direct rays, but by refracted and reflected rays as well.

The astrologer should not only know the true size of the terrestrial globe, but also the sizes of the various planets and fixed stars. The astrologer should also know the true distance from the center of the earth to each of the various planets and fixed stars and how these distances vary at different times. He should also study the varying altitudes of the clouds or of the thicker air above the earth.

The angle which that star or planet makes to other places on earth from which the star or planet is visible should also be known. Every perceivable ray emanating from the body of a star to some external point is part of a large cone of perceivable rays emanating from the star.

The Vertex of the cone is the external point. The Axis of the cone is the ray. The boundary of the cone is a circle described by the end of a straight line drawn from the external point vertex to the star but which barely touches the Star itself [in other words, is tangent to the star]. Of all the rays flowing from the luminous base of any star towards the external point, the ray on the central axis is the strongest.

Ondarock / Recensioni / / Dredd Foole - Kissing The Contemporary Bliss. Dredd Foole Kissing The Contemporary Bliss. (Family Vineyard) | freak-folk. Tweet. Above Ground Friend I Wuz Born Lay Lady Lay (Be) Walk Right In Lips Once I Was Not Raga Moderne 1.

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  1. Tazragore says:
    Label: Child Of Microtones - COM 17 • Format: 2x, CDr Limited Edition, Stereo • Country: US • Genre: Jazz, Rock, Blues • Style: Folk Rock, Acoustic, Psychedelic Rock, Free Improvisation Dredd Foole - Kissing The Contemporary Bliss (, CDr) | Discogs4/5(1).
  2. Tekasa says:
    Above Ground Friend: I Wuz Born Arranged By – Foole* Written-By – Phillips* Dredd Foole: Kissing The Contemporary Bliss ‎ (2xCDr, Ltd) Child Of Microtones: COM US: Sell This Version: COM Dredd Foole: Kissing The Contemporary Bliss ‎ (CDr, Mono, Ltd) Child Of Microtones: COM US: Sell This Version/5(4).
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    Dredd Foole - Kissing The Contemporary Bliss - Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime CDs & Vinyl Go Search EN Hello, Sign in Account.
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    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Kissing the Contemporary Bliss - Dredd Foole on AllMusic -
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    Kissing The Contemporary Bliss, an album by Dredd Foole on Spotify you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. × Kissing The Contemporary Bliss By Dredd Foole. • 16 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Dog Star Waltz. 2. Above Ground Friend. 3. I Wuz Born. 4. Lay Lady Lay (Be).
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    This is the Foole's fourth solo album since 's In Quest of Tense and part of an American musical evolution that began with his debut 45 single leading The Din in Kissing was originally released in an extremely limited edition by Valentine's Child of Microtones imprint in
  7. Shanris says:
    Kissing the Contemporary Bliss, an album by Dredd Foole on Spotify you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. × Kissing the Contemporary Bliss By Dredd Foole. • 16 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Dog Star Waltz. 2. Above Ground Friend. 3. I Wuz Born. 4. Lay Lady Lay (Be).
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    Dredd Foole - Kissing the Contemporary Bliss - Format: CD Date de sortie: 22 juillet DISC 1: 1. Dog Star Waltz 2. Above Ground Friend 3. I Wuz Born 4. Lay Voir la présentation.
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    Jul 31,  · Valentine and his MV/EE partner Erika Elder also play on the 2xCD Kissing the Contemporary Bliss, the second Foole release on Microtones to get reissued by Family Vineyard, following last year's.

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